galaxiesandcatscx asked: can you do some for Ghost Town? (: ☺️

Sure, check back in a little :)

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Linkin park - wastelands bandlyrics4you
Billy talent - hanging by a threadbandlyrics4you

wastedtm asked: billy talent and linkin park?

On the way Hun :)

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issuesxcitizen asked: Dude I just started following you and your blog is already my life

Why thanks, I love hearing feedback and knowing you guys appreciate my tumblr :)

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Motionless in white - abigail bandlyrics4you

salmaalize asked: If it's not too much to ask, some Motionless In White please :D

Of course. Good choice :)

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Mayday parade - save your heart bandlyrics4you
Mayday parade - oh well oh wellbandlyrics4you

caitlinnemiller asked: Lots and lots of mayday parade? ?

Sure :)

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Any requests for me to lyric edits? I’m doing all tomorrow. Leave me a message if you want one :)

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Fall out boy - just one yesterday bandlyrics4you

ayeeunicornstaking0ver asked: Could you please do some Fall Out Boy?

Yes! Fall out boy on the way :)

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deadlycactoes asked: Linkin park or skillet?

Sure :)

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