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If this post gets 50 likes then il post atleast 5 band gifs daily.

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All time low - therapybandlyrics4you
Yellowcard - empty apartment bandlyrics4you

tumblinginthecityofglass asked: Yellowcard and/or All Time Low? c:

Both it is. The more the better :)

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Pierce the veil - hold on till may bandlyrics4you

salmaalize asked: Pierce The Veil, please?

Of course :)

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A day to remember - have faith in mebandlyrics4you

you-be-tails-ill-be-s0nic asked: Can you do A Day To Remember? c:

Okay, on it’s way :)

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givemelove358 asked: A day to remember lyrics? If you're not too busy :3 :$

Sure thing :)

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Of mice and men - when you can’t sleep at night bandlyrics4you

ofmiceandeditss-x asked: Could you please do an Of Mice & Men edit? It would make my day ^-^

Sure thing :)

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michealluntta asked: Just made a Tumblr, and you were one of the first pages I followed, I absolutely adore your page!

Awh bless you. Thankyou :) made my day hearing that :)

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death-is-not-a-game asked: Thanks :)

No problem :)

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I’m taking requests today :)

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Sleeping with sirens - if I’m James dean, your Audrey Hepburn bandlyrics4you